Money mindset runs deep.

It's not just about lack versus abundance, it's also about healing our past and reshaping our future.

As a clinical hypnotherapist and intuitive life coach, I've spent years developing a mindset program that helps people get unstuck and move past their subconscious limiting beliefs as quickly as possible.

And limiting beliefs are the core issue behind money. 

Practicing gratitude and using positive affirmations are certainly helpful, but, going deeper to the blocks that keep us in a job that no longer fits who we are, or being in a business where we are living in scarcity, keeps us from living a life that's abundant on EVERY level.

Join me for this relaxing journey that includes a powerful visualization, and inspirational tools that help you shift the way you think and feel about money, so you can finally live an Abundant, Aligned and Authentic life.

BONUS: Included is the Money Tapping Training for a quick mindset shift to prosperity!

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Kathleen Nightingale
Kathleen Nightingale
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Life Coach and Award-Winning Author

About the instructor

Hello, and welcome! As a clinical hypnotherapist, intuitive life coach and award-winning author, I help powerful people create their dream life by helping them:

  • Get into alignment with their passion and purpose, so they can create the career or business that's authentic to who they are.

  • Get past their limiting beliefs

  • Go from fear to love, so they can attract what they want

  • Create balance and more joy in their life

  • Build the confidence that's needed to move forward

  • Learn how to use the most powerful part of their mind (their "Horsepower") to get to where they want to go faster and with ease

I look forward to guiding you on your journey to your authentic self and abundant life.


What's included?

4 Videos
7 Texts
2 PDFs

Join me for the journey within to get unstuck and create the divine life you deserve.

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